Park Jin Young Announces Decision About Which “Stray Kids” Members Will Debut

The finale of “Stray Kids” featured Park Jin Young’s decision about who will be making their debut as a member of JYP’s new boy group.

The show was broadcast live on December 19, with previously eliminated members Felix and Lee Minho getting the chance to perform together with the others in the hopes of proving that the group should debut with all nine original members.

The seven remaining members first performed “YAYAYA,” and Park Jin Young complimented them on looking like a team, adding that he was impressed by how well they did despite it being their first live performance.

After the nine guys performed “Hellevator,” it was announced that the results of a mid-show vote showed that 96 percent of fans supported the debut of all nine members.

Park Jin Young said that he saw pros and cons about both a potential seven-member and nine-member group, and said he would need to watch the rest of their performances. He added, “I knew that they would love the nine-member group more, but I didn’t expect the difference to be this much.”

Other performances of the night included the seven members performing “Young Wings,” and all nine members staging performances of “School Life” and “Grrr.” After the guys performed their new song “Grrr,” Park Jin Young not only said he was satisfied with their overall performance, he also praised Lee Minho and Felix in particular for their hard work.

It was revealed that the live vote showed that 96 percent of fans still supported the debut of the group as nine members.

In the end, Park Jin Young announced after taking into account the opinion of viewers and discussions with his colleagues, he had decided that all nine members will be making their debut.

The nine members will include Bang Chan, Kim Woojin, Lee Minho, Seo Changbin, Hwang Hyunjin, Han Jisung, Felix, Kim Seungmin, and Yang Jeongin.

Watch the announcement and the group’s celebration below.

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