9 Times Junho Stole Our Hearts In Episodes 3 And 4 Of “Just Between Lovers”

Just Between Lovers” is the new JTBC K-drama that has been stealing hearts for its beautiful cinematography and great acting by Won Jin Ah and Junho. It’s been especially delightful seeing Junho’s character Lee Gang Doo fall slowly in love with Ha Moon Soo (Won Jin Ah). His tough, bad-boy character is slowly melting away, and it’s giving us ladies some serious butterflies!

Here’s a look at just 9 moments in episodes 3 and 4 of “Just Between Lovers” where we totally fell in love with Junho.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1. Lee Gang Doo waiting at the bus stop with Ha Moon Soo

Since the first episode, Lee Kang Doo has been waiting with Ha Moon Soo at the bus stop and taking the bus with her. We found out in this week’s episodes that Lee Kang Doo actually didn’t have to take the bus, but was taking it for the sake of Ha Moon Soo.

2. Lee Gang Doo’s ADORABLE relationship with the grandma

They’re bickering and savageness towards each other just shows how much they care. And it’s the cutest thing ever.

3. Gang Doo helping Moon Soo’s friend

Moon Soo’s friend was having a hard time getting in the taxi, as she’s in a wheelchair. Gang Doo asks her if he can put his hands on her to help her into taxi. She complies and what ensues is Gang Doo helping her, which we all can attest, is so adorable.

4. Gang Doo rescuing Moon Soo…

5. …which leads to Gang Doo’s smoldering eye contact with her

6. When Gang Doo protected Moon Soo from the drunk man

The way that he got in between the drunk man as he was getting close to her is seriously so romantic.

7. They way Gang Doo eats that sugar donut

… and how he offers it to Moon Soo because it’s really good. I love how she says she doesn’t like sweets, and then once he insists that it’s really good, she says that she’ll just give it a taste. Did you pick up on the metaphor?! It was perfect.


8. Gang Doo totally smitten with Moon Soo as he gazes at her out the window

9. The adorable smile on Gang Doo’s face after he watches Moon Soo

This rooftop scene was a turning point in their relationship. It seems as though the two are able to trust each other, and it’s totally obvious that they’re smitten! I can’t wait to see their relationship progress in the next few episodes!

Hey Soompiers, what were your favorite moments in this past week’s episodes of “Just Between Lovers”? Let me know in the comments below!

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