Watch: “The Unit” Contestants Perform Stunning Self-Produced Stages For Their 3rd Mission

KBS 2TV’s idol rebooting project “The Unit” aired the second half of performances from its third mission.

Last week, the remaining 90 contestants were given the task of self-producing their respective group’s performance. After being split up into teams according to their positions—vocal, vocal/rap, and dance—, the teams chose and arranged their own song, wardrobe, and overall stage concept.

The female vocalists were the first to perform on this week’s episode. The Green Team was made up of Gaeul, Kang Min Hee, Lucky, Seol Ha Yoon, NC.A, Yujeong (LABOUM), Yebin, EunE, and Haena. During practice, Seol Ha Yoon was in pain and had to be rushed to the emergency room. Her teammates said it was because of stress and dieting.

Despite this, the Green Team put on a great performance of their rendition of BIGBANG’s “Last Dance.”

The Yellow Team—Shin Ji Hoon, Woohee, Hyeyeon, and Heejin—performed Block B’s “Jackpot.” During evaluations, Urban Zapaka member and mentor Jo Hyun Ah was in awe of their creativity and praised them for thinking outside of the box. Rain also complimented their attempt to try something new.

In the end, the Yellow Team beat the Green Team with 334 points to 290 points. Heejin and NC.A came in first for their respective Yellow and Green Teams.

Next up were the female performance units. The Black Team was made up of DanA, Park Ji Won, Serri, Yena, Euijin, Lee Bo Lim, Lee Hyun Joo, ZN, and Haein. They chose to perform “Problem” by Ariana Grande featuring Iggy Azalea. The teammates spent all night coming up with ideas for eye-catching choreography and practiced their sexy moves, which resulted in this sizzling performance.

The Red Team—Nari, Mint, Viva, Anne, Lee Suji, Lee Ju Hyun, and Hyosun—prepared a mash-up of Beyonce’s “Partition” and “Run the World.” During evaluations, Rain expressed disappointment at their performance and the team immediately made changes to emphasize the storytelling aspect of their performance.

The Black Team won with 337 votes with Euijin in first place, while the Red Team received 298 votes with Hyosun in first place.

The final two performances of the night were the male rappers and vocalists. The Blue Team was made up of Donghyun, Marco, Lee Jung Ha, JunQ, Chan, and Kanto. They had difficulty selecting a song because the rappers and vocalists could not come to an agreement. After some discussion, they decided to do a mash-up of Zico’s “Bermuda Triangle” and Hangzoo’s “Red Sun.”

The Orange Team—Gunwoo, Giseok, Raehwan, Suwoong, Ungjae, Jun (U-KISS), Casper, and Heedo—came to a quick consensus on choosing BTS’s “Butterfly” for their performance. They each decided to focus on writing personal lyrics that conveyed their sincere feelings about their dreams and the path they were on.

The teammates looked visibly moved during the performance and Jun cried on stage after the song ended. When asked later about his tears, he revealed he wrote the lyrics thinking of his U-KISS members and began to cry again. He also shared in an interview that seeing eliminated “The Unit” contestants cheering for him caused him to tear up as well.

The Orange Team received 291 votes and beat the Blue Team who got 282 votes. Jun and Jung Ha came in first place in their respective teams.

At the end, the overall winning female and male teams of the third mission were announced. The female Orange Team won with their performance of Park Jin Young’s “Who’s Your Mama” and the male Yellow Team got first for their performance of Taeyeon’s “U R.”

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