Watch: What Happens When Hwang Min Hyun Leaves The Wanna One Dorm For A Day

On the latest episode of “Wanna One Go: Zero Base,” the Wanna One members agreed that they need Hwang Min Hyun around!

The December 22 episode of the Mnet reality show featured Hwang Min Hyun, Ha Sung Woon, and Lee Dae Hwi taking off for a trip to Japan, while the other members hung out at the “Zero Base” dorm back in Korea. Shortly afterwards, the production staff showed the three travelers a few photos of what the dorm looked like in their absence.

As it turns out, the remaining Wanna One members had already managed to make quite a mess since they’d left. Lee Dae Hwi found the drastic change so shocking that he even asked disbelievingly, “Are you sure this isn’t staged? What if they made [the dorm] like this on purpose?”

Hwang Min Hyun, who is well-known for being the member in charge of cleaning up after the group and tidying their rooms, was unsurprisingly horrified by the state of the “Zero Base” dorm. Checking out a photo of the messy kitchen, he gasped, “They made all this food and didn’t even finish it!”

Ha Sung Woon remarked with a laugh, “It looks like they let a few dogs loose.”

“Really, if Min Hyun isn’t around, no one [cleans],” added Lee Dae Hwi.

The Wanna One members back at the “Zero Base” dorm also seemed aware of the mess, with leader Yoon Ji Sung worrying, “What if Min Hyun faints when he comes home and sees this?”

Hwang Min Hyun proceeded to frantically dial Bae Jin Young, who showed him the dorm through their video chat. After confirming that the dorm was indeed in a state of chaos, Hwang Min Hyun asked, “Jin Young, are you really going to make things difficult for me?”

Quickly realizing his mistake, Bae Jin Young stammered, “I’m sorry, I showed you something that I shouldn’t have,” before abruptly ending the call.

It looks like Hwang Min Hyun has his work cut out for him when he gets back to the “Zero Base” dorm!

Watch the full clip below:

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