OCN Finalizes Cast Members For First Drama Of 2018

OCN revealed that Kang Ji Hwan, Kim Ok Bin, Jang Gwang, and Jo Min Gi will be starring in upcoming drama “Children of the Small God” (tentative title).

“Children of the Small God” will premiere after currently running show “Bad Guys” in February.

The drama tells the story of two detectives who delve into the dark conspiracy of a mysterious organization.

Kang Ji Hwan plays the role of elite detective Chun Jae In, who has an IQ of 167 and only believes in facts, logic, and numbers. Kim Ok Bin stars as Kim Dan, a female detective who possesses superhuman abilities to “see things she should not be seeing.” Kim Dan is a kind-hearted member of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, who uses her intuition to discover hidden clues that even veteran detectives fail to notice.

Actor Shim Hee Sub takes on the role of prosecutor Joo Ha Min. At first glance, Joo Ha Min is the perfect example of a competent prosecutor, but he hides his true colors as an antisocial monster. The character concedes to power to survive, closing deals with people in power.

Actress Lee Elijah will be playing Baek Ah Hyun, the princess of a small kingdom who mysteriously goes missing. She seems to be the charitable and wise only daughter of major company Dae Han Group, but in fact, is hiding her true corrupt self.

More seasoned actors such as Jang Gwang, Lee Hyo Jung, and Jo Min Gi will be playing significant roles as well.

Jang Gwang plays the role of Pastor Wang from a major cult. As the religious sect leader of a deeply rooted cult, the character brought together numerous believers after curing a patient by purging them of ghosts. Pastor Wang is a powerful character who is able to influence politicians left and right.

Lee Hyo Jung is cast as chairman of a major company, Baek Do Kyu, who conspires with accomplices to protect his kingdom.

Lastly, actor Jo Min Gi appears as the opposition party’s presidential candidate Gook Han Joo. As a politician of 11 years after working as a prosecutor, Gook Han Joo finally becomes a presidential candidate through a chance opportunity. But his past confidential secret is about to hold him back from success.

“Children of the Small God” will be directed by Kang Shin Hyo, the director of hit dramas such as “The Heirs,” “Midas,” and “Tazza.” The story is written by rookie writer Han Woo Ri, who was previously a documentary writer.

The production team of the drama shared, “We are anticipating the show to write new history as the best OCN Original with its spectacular cast and crew.” The team went on to explain, “Following along OCN’s catch phase, ‘Revolutionize Character,’ ‘Children of the Small God’ will be showcasing unique characters and a fresh catharsis. Please look forward to it.”

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