Here Are The Most Popular Karaoke Songs In Korea During 2017

The most sung tracks at Korean karaoke this year have been revealed!

TJ Media, one of Korea’s largest karaoke system companies, unveiled its list of the most popular songs of 2017. The most sung tracks of each month and the top 10 for the year were all ballads.

The top songs of each month were as follows:

January: Han Dong Geun “Amazing You”
February: Ailee “I Will Go to You Like the First Snow”
March: Ailee “I Will Go to You Like the First Snow”
April: MAKTUB, Gu Yoon Heo “Marry Me”
May: MAKTUB, Gu Yoon Heo “Marry Me”
June: MAKTUB, Gu Yoon Heo “Marry Me”
July: MAKTUB, Gu Yoon Heo “Marry Me”
August: Yoon Jong Shin “Like It”
September: Yoon Jong Shin “Like It”
November: Yoon Jong Shin “Like It”
December: Yoon Jong Shin “Like It”

The overall top 10 songs of 2017 were as follows:

1. Yoon Jong Shin “Like It”
2. Ailee “I Will Go to You Like the First Snow”
3. MAKTUB, Gu Yoon Heo “Marry Me”
4. M.C THE MAX “No Matter Where”
5. Han Dong Geun “Amazing You”
6. Im Chang Jung “The Love I Committed”
7. Jung Seung Hwan “If It Is You”
8. Han Dong Geun “Making a New Ending for This Story”
9. Hwang Chi Yeol “A Daily Song”
10. Jung Joon Il “Hug Me”

Many of the top songs at Korean karaoke have maintained their popularity for over 10 years. For the 2017 chart, No. 11 is Im Chang Jung’s “A Shot of Soju” from 2003, No. 12 is Izi’s “Emergency Room” from 2005, No. 13 is Buzz’s “Thorn” from 2005, No. 14 is Big Mama’s “Resignation” from 2003, and No. 15 is So Chan Whee’s “Tears” from 2000.

What are your favorite songs to sing at karaoke?

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