KARD Unanimously Chooses The Member They Think Would Be Worst At Dating

KARD has revealed which members they think would make the best leader, who they think is the coolest, and who they think would be the worst at dating!

On December 27, the four members of KARD appeared on the SBS Power FM radio show “NCT’s Night Night.” During the show, they were asked various questions about their fellow members, including which member they would choose to be the group leader. (Unlike many other K-pop groups, KARD does not have an official leader.)

Somin picked BM, saying, “Somehow, it just seems like he’s the best at deciding things. How do I put it? It seems like he always knows how to settle differences of opinion.”

J.Seph chose Somin, referencing her strong personality and past experience as the leader of April. He said playfully, “Because Somin always clearly voices her opinions, and since she promoted [as a singer] in the past before we did, when Somin says something from the standpoint of a senior artist, her word is law.”

Jiwoo decided to abstain from the question, explaining that all the members had leadership qualities, while BM picked one of their managers. “She’s KARD’s real boss,” he joked.

When asked which member they thought would be the worst at dating, the vote was unanimous—all four members chose Jiwoo, including Jiwoo herself.

“It’s not that she’d be bad at dating, exactly,” explained Somin. “She’s often blunt, but she also has a really cute side. But I think she’d be too shy to show her cute side when dating someone. She’s very shy and easily embarrassed.”

BM agreed, with J.Seph adding, “Jiwoo is very open and easygoing. But when dating, you sometimes have to act coy. I don’t think she’d be able to do that.”

The final question was which fellow group member they thought was the coolest. J.Seph picked BM, saying, “He has a great body.” He also praised BM’s discipline and commitment to working out.

Somin also chose BM, but for different reasons. “When he dances freestyle, he dances differently every time,” she remarked. “I think it’s cool that he’s so good at it.”

Jiwoo, on the other hand, picked Somin. “Because Somin has more experience than the rest of us,” she elaborated, “she looks more natural onstage, which I thought was cool.”

BM’s choice was Jiwoo, and he jokingly expressed feeling hurt that she hadn’t picked him back. He went on to explain, “The side of Jiwoo that I typically see, and which many people don’t get to see, is very cute and bright, since we rehearse together. But on stage, she becomes an entirely different person, someone with swag.”

At that point, J.Seph cut in, “I have a question. Why didn’t anyone pick me?”

The other three members laughed apologetically, with Somin and Jiwoo suddenly insisting, “J.Seph looks really cool when he’s wearing a scarf!”

“He has a real hip-hop vibe,” BM chimed in. “As someone who has rapped together with him for five years, I’ve seen his cool side.” He then jokingly whispered to J.Seph in English, “[Don’t worry,] I got you!”

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