7 Times ASTRO Has Proven That They’re Fans Just Like Us

Since their iTeen days, the members of ASTRO have proven time and time again that when they fanboy, they fanboy hard. Not only does this speak to every K-pop fan on an emotional level, but it’s also provided their own fans with plenty of hilarious moments. Sometimes, it’s even landed them in articles or prompted questions in interviews. It’s only appropriate for an idol group to have a huge love for music and senior artists, but ASTRO takes it to a whole new level.

GFRIEND and long time friendships

When they were young, Moon Bin and GFRIEND’s SinB modeled together and have been friends ever since. You can easily find compilations of their interactions on music shows and Idol Star Athletics Championships, or the numerous times Moon Bin has mentioned her in interviews. ASTRO showed that they weren’t just loyal friends, but also loyal fanboys when they covered “Me Gustas Tu” on NCT’s “Youngstreet” radio.

Girl group love

Cha Eun Woo has received a lot attention for his looks and charms, but he also gained lots of attention on variety shows for his love for girl group dances. Almost all of his variety show appearances showcase him performing some portion of a girl group dance. But it’s not just Cha Eun Woo. All of the members have shown off their moves, including Rocky and Moon Bin impressing hosts on “Weekly Idol” and “After School Club” with their rendition of Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb.” The group also cross-dressed and performed a girl group dance at a fan-meeting.

ASTRO even made up their own medley of favorite girl group songs from 2016 (with Sanha on the guitar), which they sang on “Weekly Idol” and at an overseas showcase.

Their enjoyment of girl group songs extends beyond covers for shows though. Have you ever blasted a song and just randomly danced and had loads of fun? ASTRO has too – like the time they randomly paused during a V-Live to play MAMAMOO and went crazy in an empty hallway.

BIGBANG is where it’s at

Like many boy groups in K-pop, ASTRO is also a fan of BIGBANG. They’ve mentioned them in interviews and Rocky has even been recorded singing a few of their songs during fansigns. It’s only appropriate that Moon Bin’s sister, Sua, is a trainee under YG. During one broadcast with Haeyo TV, they showed their love by dancing to BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby”…

… and giving an energetic karaoke rendition of “Haru Haru.”

ASTRO really liked “Really Really”

One of the hottest songs of 2017 was WINNER’s “Really Really” and ASTRO didn’t hide their obsession with it The song was heard playing in the background during one of their behind-the-scenes videos for their Docca series while they were in a waiting room at a music show. They played it during V-Lives during special broadcasts and even sang along to it in the car between schedules.

When preparing for one of their comebacks, each member had a special V-Live. During Rocky’s, he gave fans a peek into his time in the practice room and how he comes up with some of his choreography. Towards the end of the video he played random songs and danced around, “Really Really” being one of his picks.

JinJin and Eric Nam

When Eric Nam promoted his song “Can’t Help Myself,” Loco was unavailable to perform with him on broadcast shows. Wanting to keep the authenticity of the song, Eric Nam had two other rappers perform with him rather than just play a recording of Loco’s voice. The first artist was SEVENTEEN’s Vernon, but for all the other recordings, including K-CON LA, JinJin was the featured rapper.

Who can blame JinJin for becoming an instant fan? He’s promoted all of Eric Nam’s songs on ASTRO’s official twitter account ever since. It’s basically a tradition now. Eric Nam releases a new song -> JinJin tweets about it.

BTS fanboys

Remember the days when BTS would talk about all the groups that they admired and aspired to be like? As the next generation of artists continue to rise, BTS has become more and more of the ideal for younger groups. The members of ASTRO have been BTS fans for years too. They even performed their own taekwondo-inspired cover while fooling around in the practice room.

In February 2017, a PD uploaded a picture with Cha Eun Woo, and eagle-eyed fans noticed that his phone screen had an image from one of BTS’s V-Lives. It became a hot topic on Pann and got a few articles, amusing fans of both groups. Not only do they enjoy the music and dances by their favorite groups, but they even watch their videos too.

Moon Bin expressed his wish to meet BTS’s maknae, Jungkook, who is close to his own age. His wish seemed to come true during Idol Star Athletics Championships when fans noticed KNK’s Seungjun taking Moon Bin over to Jungkook and introducing the two. Months later, Jungkook was shown in a fancam yelling Moon Bin’s name while ASTRO performed at the 2016 SBS Gayo Daejun. Afterwards, Moon Bin expressed his disappointment in an interview that the two couldn’t meet due to conflicting schedules.

Trainee funk

Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” was a big thing in Korea when it came out. Numerous artists produced their own covers and videos featuring the song. Back in their iTeen days, the trainees made their own cover, recording and choreographing the video themselves, titled “Trainee Funk.”

It’s always nice to find ways in which we can relate to our favorite groups. Seeing ASTRO express their love and admiration for senior artists is a reminder that idols can be super fans too, and sometimes understand the disappointment that comes with just being a fan (a.k.a. Moon Bin and Jungkook).

What are some of your favorite “ASTRO being fanboys” moments? Let us know in the comments below!

heytoto currently teaches ELL in Seoul, South Korea and can usually be found sipping a latte while snorting at ASTRO’s hilarious, and often ridiculous, antics.

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