BIGBANG Shares Their Thoughts After Emotional Final “Last Dance” Concert

On December 30-31, BIGBANG closed out their year with “BIGBANG 2017 Concert Last Dance in Seoul” at the Gocheok Sky Dome.

This was BIGBANG’s last concert as a group before their hiatus (though member TOP was absent due to enlisting earlier this year) as G-Dragon and Taeyang are expected to enlist in the military in 2018.

At the end, when the members shared their thoughts with the live audience, many of them got emotional saying goodbye.

Daesung said, “It’s been fun. I’ve been to a lot of places, hoping to see lots of new things. Thank you. For a long time, there’s been rumors that ‘this is BIGBANG’s last concert,’ but finally the last concert before enlistment has arrived. Because of the memories and gifts you’ve given me, I’m not sad but grateful that we were able to arrive at this point.”

He added, “I think of this as the end of the first part. We will return in health after doing our duty as men so we hope that everyone will take care of their health too. The most important thing is being together. This is not the end, so let’s continue to make memories together and make our relationship even stronger. I think that meeting you was the meeting of my lifetime.”

Taeyang said, “The time has gone by so fast that I don’t know where it’s gone. Not too long ago, I watched a video of our showcase 10 years ago and I felt grateful for the cherished memories we made with everyone. Meeting all of you from the stage is my greatest happiness. After this concert, it is a bit sad that we will not be able to meet for a time, no matter how long or short it is, but I am also excited to greet you with a new and mature image when I return.”

He added, “Please wait for us until we can return with five members once again. People ask if I’m worried that this will be the last of BIGBANG, but it doesn’t feel like that to me. Even today, I thought that I should do this concert like I always do. I always try to come up here with the mindset that this could be my last performance. You don’t have to worry. Even after I enlist, I think that your support will be my strength. I want to say thank you.”

G-Dragon said, “I don’t know how people thought of the tour name ‘Last Dance,’ but we don’t attach a lot of meaning to the word ‘last.’ We’re sure that this won’t be our last so we hope that all of you will think so as well. We’ve been through a lot and have faith and understanding in each other, so I think that if everyone lives without fear, has fun and thinks only good things, then you will experience only good things.”

He continued, “There have been lots of good things and lots of other things, but we were able to endure it all thanks to you. I think it was possible because we were together. I don’t know what to say at this moment. I’ve never thought about it and now it doesn’t feel real. I want to give you all a bigger gift with every year, but I think that I am lacking. I will return with a more mature image so if you can wait with excitement in your heart, the time spent waiting will be a good one. Thank you for giving us your precious time at the end of 2017.”

Seungri said, “I’m not a person who scares easily, but now for some reason I am afraid. I was the last member of BIGBANG to join and at the time I had nothing but my confidence, so now I think about whether I have the right to stand on this stage. I feel like I have only caused trouble for my members, my fans, and my agency, and been a person that always required help. Now I hope that I can become a person that helps my members and the staff at my agency instead of the youngest member that always causes trouble. As time passes, you start to think differently. This is the time when we need your support the most. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Adding together our group and solo work, BIGBANG has made 280 songs. All of them contain the precious time and memories we spent together.”

Tearing up, he concluded, “Thank you to everyone who took the time to be here today and the parents who gave birth to us. We are not robots and people with feelings, so there are times when we make mistakes or errors in judgment. At those times, we become stronger because we have our fans, and we think that we need to repay such support and love. We’ve been through a lot, but I hope that BIGBANG can reunite as five members and laugh and sing and run and sweat together. Thank you and happy new year.”

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