Update: Sunmi Features In New Teaser Images For Upcoming Single “Heroine”

Updated January 17 KST:

More teaser images have been revealed for Sunmi’s upcoming comeback!

Check them out below:

Updated January 16 KST:

Sunmi has released a new teaser video for her upcoming track!

Check it out below:

Updated January 15 KST: 

Sunmi has released a new music video teaser for her upcoming comeback track “Heroine”!

Check it out below:

Updated January 12 KST: 

Sunmi has released what looks like a snippet of choreography and vocals from her upcoming comeback track “Heroine!”

“Heroine” is set to be released on January 18 at 6 p.m. KST.

Updated January 11 KST:

Sunmi continues to tease her comeback with a new moving clip for “Heroine”!

Updated January 10 KST:

Sunmi has revealed more teaser images for her upcoming comeback with “Heroine” on January 18!

Updated January 9 KST:

Sunmi has dropped another moving teaser ahead of her comeback on January 18 with “Heroine”!

Updated January 8 KST:

Sunmi has released two new teaser images for her January comeback, which will be on January 18.

Check them out below!

Updated January 5 KST:

Sunmi has shared the first of a few moving teasers ahead of her upcoming comeback!

Updated January 4 KST:

As promised, Sunmi has revealed a pair of photo teasers ahead of her upcoming comeback with “Heroine”!

Updated January 3 KST:

Sunmi has shared a teaser schedule ahead of her upcoming comeback! She will be releasing several teaser images, moving teasers, and clips.

Updated January 2 KST:

Following the release of her first teaser photo, Sunmi has now shared a short “Prequel” video clip for her new track “Heroine”!

Original Article:

After confirming last month that she would be releasing new music, Sunmi has finally revealed more about her upcoming title track!

According to a new teaser that dropped on January 2, the singer will be returning with “Heroine,” a track produced by The Black Label. It will be co-composed by Teddy and 24, with lyrics co-written by Teddy and Sunmi herself. The Black Label previously produced her hit song “Gashina” as well.

“Heroine” will be released on January 18, at 6 p.m. KST.

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