Wanna One Welcomes The New Year With Relay Messages For Each Other

Wanna One has kicked off the year with some special messages!

Through an interview at the end of 2017, the group shared with fans, “We are preparing to shine brighter and fly high in 2018. We have lots of plans to meet our fans, our Wannables, but it is not fun if we reveal them in advance. However, please remember the one promise we can make, which is that we will completely fill 2018 to greet you all. Happy new year.”

The members then went on with a relay of both comical and sincere messages for each other.

Yoon Ji Sung said to Bae Jin Young, “Our Jin Young, in the new year, I hope you will touch your nose less but push your hair back a lot and become a shampoo model. Following Daniel…Because you push your hair back a lot, I really hope you become a shampoo model next year.”

Bae Jin Young then continued to Park Woo Jin, “It’s cheesy, but we did very well this year, so I hope we will also see the light together next year. You did well.”

Park Woo Jin then revealed his message for Kim Jae Hwan, saying, “Jaehwan hyung, it was destiny that we met. I think of it as a blessing that we met like destiny, and I hope we will continue this friendship. Not just 2018, but I hope that you will share your beautiful voice even in 100 or 1,000 years. Let our friendship never change.”

Kim Jae Hwan said to Hwang Min Hyun, “Min Hyun hyung whom I love, meeting you was the biggest blessing of this year. I had my fortune told once and was told that I would meet an important person in 2017, and I think that is you. I really love you, and all I need is for you to not be sick and healthily be by my side.” Kang Daniel commented with a laugh, “What about me? Not me?”

Hwang Min Hyun relayed to Lai Guan Lin, “Our Guan Lin. I hope you will become even cooler and grow taller and become a great man in 2018. I also hope you will become a rap star from working hard on rapping.”

Lai Guan Lin joked to Ong Sung Woo, “Don’t be no-fun next year. I hope you will be a more funny and fun person.”

Ong Sung Woo commented to Lee Dae Hwi, “Our Dae Hwi. Next year, I hope you will showcase your cute, beautiful, and aegyo-filled charms and express your many talents like songwriting as much as you wish.”

Lee Dae Hwi went on to Kang Daniel, “You worked so hard to complete really busy schedules this year. In 2018, I hope you can show Wanna One even more and that we can work hard together.”

Kang Daniel said to Park Ji Hoon, “Our Ji Hoon. I didn’t know during ‘Produce 101’ that we would be in the same group, but I also didn’t know that we would like the same game. Let’s game together a lot next year, as well, but let’s hope our eyes don’t get red. Let’s work hard on schedules, rest well when we rest, work hard for Wannables, and also enjoy gaming together.”

Park Ji Hoon continued to Ha Sung Woon, “Our JakSoSeng (small and precious Sung Woon) hyung, our Elsa hyung. You are always beautiful. I am very honored to be in the same group as you. I am very glad. In the future, let our friendship never change and continue on.”

Finally, Ha Sung Woon said to Yoon Ji Sung, “Ji Sung hyung, you worked really hard for Wanna One in 2017. Thank you for making a lot of the official comments in 2017, and I hope you will answer official questions well in 2018, as well.”

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