Jo Jung Suk, Lee Shi Un, And Yoon Bong Gil Meet Up In New Stills For “Two Cops”

The three fantastic characters of “Two Cops” met for a serious coversation in an upcoming episode!

The production team of MBC’s “Two Cops” released images of Cha Dong Tak (Jo Jung Suk), Yong Pal Yi (Lee Shi Un), and Do Ggi (Yoon Bong Gil) gathered in what seems to be a grave situation.

Tough police detective Cha Dong Tak, legendary knife fighter Yong Pal Yi, and trusty detective partner Do Ggi are collectively staring at an unknown sight. Cha Dong Tak’s fiery gaze and Do Ggi’s wound suggest that the trio are facing a dangerous situation.

In the previous episodes, Cha Dong Tak and Gong Su Chan (Kim Sun Ho) started their collaborative investigation in order to solve a 16-year-old case. The two had discovered the origin of their evidence, the initial necklace and angel wings.

The gathering of the three characters have heightened viewers’ curiosity as to whether or not Cha Dong Tak found new evidence to uncover the crime from 16 years ago.

Watch the latest episode of “Two Cops” below!

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