Kim Joo Hyuk’s Posthumous Film Reveals Plans For Premiere Date

Kim Joo Hyuk’s posthumous film has revealed plans for a release date.

The 2018 film “Heungbu” is a traditional drama directed by Jo Geun Hyun and features Jung Woo, Kim Joo Hyuk, Jung Jin Young, Kim Won Hae, and Jung Sang Hoon; with a cameo appearance by Jin Goo.

“Heungbu” tells the story of how a genius writer drew inspiration from two brothers, who were not as well-off as others, to write his folk tale which shook the entire Korean peninsula. While the story is a very well-known folk tale in Korea, the identity of the writer who wrote the tale is still unknown. The film is set to reveal more on the writer of “Heungbu Jeon” as well as the real protagonist of the story.

“Heungbu” is set to premiere sometime this year in February.

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