8 Things We Loved And 4 Things We Hated About Episodes 7 And 8 Of “Just Between Lovers”

As the series progresses, we are gifted with the adorableness that is Kang Doo (Junho) and Moon Soo (Won Jin Ah) falling deeper in love with each other. Watching them slowly trust and depend on each other is so comforting to watch.

Here’s a look at 7 things we loved and 3 things we hated about this past week’s episodes of “Just Between Lovers.”

1. LOVED: Kang Doo offering his hand to Moon Soo as a way to comfort her

This is a turning point in their budding romance. It is first time they are both openly vulnerable with their feelings for each other. There’s a depth to their relationship that only they can understand, as their past traumas have made them more in need of each other. Can we talk about the cinematography, too? The sun rising in the background and their silhouettes makes this scene all the more romantic.

2. LOVED: Moon Soo being genuinely concerned about Kang Doo

It was adorable how she waited outside his house to see that he was ok. The look in her eyes was so touching to see! We’re all just glad that Kang Doo has someone in his life to worry about him and take care of him.

3. LOVED: Seeing Kim Min Kyu in the recent episodes

THOSE DIMPLES. He’s adding such a sweet touch to the series. I also sense a potential side romance between him and Moon Soo’s bestie, which means we’ll probably be seeing him consistently throughout the rest of the series. WIN!

4. HATED: Seeing Kang Doo’s best friend, the grandmother, sick

We know the harsh inevitable fate of the grandmother, and it’s heartbreaking, especially during the moments that Kang Doo and the grandmother share. The particular part in this past week’s episodes when Kang Doo insists that she live for a long time was so sweet and so sad. Cries.

5. HATED: The scary flashbacks to the kid who Kang Doo couldn’t save

The piercing flashbacks that strike Kang Doo at random times throughout the series really make me jump out of my seat. It’s a little freaky, and I think the drama could do without this aspect of the plot. I just hope Kang Doo gets the closure and emotional rest he needs to deal with his trauma.

6. LOVED: Kang Doo pretending to check out the shape of Moon Soo’s head, but hugging her instead.

7. ALSO LOVED: Kang Doo asking Moon Soo if she can take the next bus.

…which leads to them missing many buses. HEART EYES.

8. LOVED: The background music accompanying #6 and #7

Every song that’s played in this series gives some serious feels. Especially it being winter and cold out, this romantic and heart-warming soundtrack is enough to keep us warm!

9. HATED: Them fighting

Just when we thought this romance was pretty much unbreakable, our poor Kang Doo gets left behind. Let’s just hope they’re able to make amends and continue on with their adorable relationship.

10. LOVED AND HATED: The love triangle scene

At the end of episode 8, we are presented with the three characters in the midst of a love triangle. We love it because who doesn’t love a good love triangle in a melodrama, but we also hate it because that means there will be a broken heart involved, most likely for the second-male lead. It’s a true love/hate K-drama trope.

Hey Soompiers, what did you love and hate about episodes 7 and 8 of “Just Between Lovers”? Let me know in the comments below!

And if you haven’t already, start watching “Just Between Lovers” below!

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