6 Hottest Celebrity Couples Of 2017 That Melted Our Hearts

Let’s talk about love! 2018 is starting off well with the revelation of the first three couples of the year: G-Dragon and Lee Joo Yeon, Jung So Min and Lee Joon, and G.O and Choi Yeseul. With two out of the three aforementioned pairings being confirmed, we can only hope for more happy couples to come.

As the new year literally just started, let’s look back on 2017’s six hottest celebrity couples that melted our hearts.

1. Rain & Kim Tae Hee

Last year has been full of love for Rain and Kim Tae Hee. The two lovebirds have blessed us with news of both their marriage and their first newborn a few months later. The power couple is a vivid example of patience and faithfulness, as they met not long before Rain’s already appointed military service, and Kim Tae Hee would always visit him at his army base to go on dates.

Rain dedicated this song to his wife prior to their wedding:

2. BIGBANG’s Taeyang & Min Hyo Rin

The soulful artist and his muse are a match made in heaven. The two lovers have been in each other’s lives since 2014 and despite the hardships, they have lived up to the beauty that makes their relationship. Min Hyo Rin is widely known for being the inspiration behind Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips” which is an immortal masterpiece. The fair lady continues to inspire the idol’s life as they were recently engaged and are planning to get married on February 3, 2018.

Take a look at the moment when Taeyang and Min Hyorin first started getting close:

3. Shinhwa’s Eric Mun & Na Hye Mi

This beautiful couple has been together since 2014 when they first announced their relationship, only to deny it later on. Eric and model-turned-actress Na Hye Mi revealed their relationship once more in early 2017 and held their wedding last July. This makes Eric the first Shinhwa member to tie the knot!

Eric is tenderly taking care of his bride’s veil in the video down below:

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4. Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo

Everything about this pair screams fairytale: what used to be the public’s favorite onscreen couple has eventually come to life! Song-Song couple was officially announced with a marriage proposal, which clearly caught everybody by surprise, but it was also one of the best news that crowned last Autumn. After keeping their relationship a secret for the longest time, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo finally exchanged their vows and happily let the world know about their relationship.

Here is a glimpse of their wedding:

5. Lee Hyori & Lee Sang Soon

“Hyori’s Homestay” kindly invited us to witness a whole new aspect of Lee Hyori’s life: sharing memorable moments in her lovely home with her soulmate Lee Sang Soon. The dreamy couple didn’t shy away from showing each other affection every now and then, and often told stories reminiscing about their first dates, and even first misunderstandings. The nation’s fairy also shared her love for her husband on so many occasions via their variety show, and revealed that he brings her so much joy.

Watch a clip of the loving couple enjoying a cute dance together:

6. Girl’s Day’s Hyeri & Ryu Jun Yeol

Now, this couple may not have been meant to be in “Reply 1988,” but they surely satisfied the expectations of all the people who rooted for them when the drama was airing. Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol met on set and became friends in 2015. They have slowly moved their relationship to the next level when they revealed their dating news to the general public last summer. The sweethearts were often spotted being adorable towards each other, either in behind-the-scenes of the drama shooting, or during fan meetings.

Catch a glimpse of this heartfluttering scene from “Reply 1988” where Deoksun convinces Junghwan to take her to a concert:

Which celebrity couple is your favorite of 2017? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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