BTS’s RM Talks About His Collaboration With Fall Out Boy

BTS leader RM held a V Live broadcast titled “RM’s Hello 2018!” in his studio on January 3.

During the show, RM talked about his collaboration with Fall Out Boy. RM began, “My friend called me and said that the song was playing on ‘Infinite Challenge.’ They said, ‘I’m watching it right now and I heard your voice.’ I was surprised. Thank you for playing it.”

Fall Out Boy’s “Champion” remix featuring RM was used as the background song on the December 30 episode of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” when the show introduced world champion professional boxer Manny Pacquiao.

RM also shared the story behind their collaboration. He said, “I don’t know the specific details, but I think they heard the collaboration I did with Wale on ‘Change’ because the lyrics of ‘Champion’ are an extension of ‘Change.’ I think maybe somehow their agency or the band members heard ‘Change.'”

RM continued, “So they said ‘We have this song and we want to remix it,’ and said they wanted me to rap and feature in it. They chose me and said they wanted me to feature in it. Fall Out Boy is really famous and everyone knows their songs like ‘Centuries’ and ‘The Phoenix.'”

The BTS member added, “I like band songs. I’m not a total rock head, but I do listen to a lot of rock band songs so it was fun to work on it. The lyrics are about people who became champions of people who couldn’t become champions. I really liked how the lyrics were cynical and hopeful, so I wrote it like this right here.”

RM also shared that other collaborations are currently in the works with other artists and BTS members, and asked fans to look forward to them in the future.

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