Park Sung Kwang Talks Fondly About “Night Goblin” Castmates Lee Hong Ki And JR

Comedian Park Sung Kwang recently posed for fashion magazine “Woman Sense,” where he showed some love for his “Night Goblin” cast members FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki and NU’EST’s JR.

In “Night Goblin,” Lee Hong Ki’s nickname is Hong Kwang, which was created from their names Hong Ki and Sung Kwang. Park Sung Kwang said, “I’m grateful to Hong Ki, and he’s a kind friend. Hong Ki likes the whole concept of being Hong Kwang. The name was made by Jung Hyung Don.”

Concerning JR, who is known as “Baby Goblin” on the variety show, Park Sung Kwang stated, “He’s like a little kid who’s new to everything and has never been out of his nest. He has a good personality, so I’m sure he’ll succeed. I’m proud of him.”

Park Sung Kwang also revealed that he is going to be bowling with Lee Hong Ki and female comedian Song Eun Yi on a new Channel A variety show. He said, “I’m not good at bowling, but I’m going to show my lack of bowling skills as it is on the show. Song Eun Yi and Hong Ki are good at bowling. The atmosphere is great, so I’m looking forward to it.”

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