FTISLAND Members Congratulate Minhwan On Engagement

FTISLAND has nothing but love and support for their fellow member Minhwan and his upcoming marriage with Yulhee!

On January 4, Lee Jae Jin shared a photo of Minhwan on his personal Instagram and wrote, “Congratulations! Minhwan, you beat your hyungs to it and entered the path to happiness first. We will continue to celebrate your life and marriage. And to all our Primadonnas, please give Minhwan your blessings!”

Song Seung Hyun also took to Instagram to share a selfie with Minhwan alongside the caption, “Minhwan! I’ll always be on your side! I sincerely congratulate you on your marriage.”

After uploading a candid photo of Choi Jong Hun and Minhwan, Lee Hong Ki wrote, “Our maknae!! Choi Minari!! Is getting married!! Congratulations, it’s so fascinating haha. Live a happy and healthy life, and let’s also work hard on music, just like you said. Are you glad that you’re getting married before your hyungs do? Look at Jong Hun’s face [in the photo]…haha. Congrats again and be happy. I want to get married, too!”

He added a message to Primadonnas, saying, “Many of you are probably taken aback by this and maybe even resentful. Minhwan was actually most worried about you guys. He said he will gift you with more music. We always want to be your best friends. Please congratulate him~”

Last but not least, Choi Jong Hun wrote, “Our maknae is a faithful and responsible person. He is young, but I trust that he will live a happy life. The members all gave him our blessings and support. Yulhee also seemed to be very nice and faithful. I hope this beautiful couple will be a happy family forever. Be happy �de42 Congratulations, our forever maknae Minari.”

Congratulations again to Minhwan and Yulhee!