WINNER Thanks Fans For “Really Really” Reaching 100 Million Digital Streams

On January 3, WINNER surpassed 100 million digital streams for “Really Really.”

Following this news, WINNER posted a photo of the guys holding up fan banners reading “There is WINNER because there is Inner Circle” on the group’s official Instagram page. They also included a thank you message to their fans Inner Circle, referring to them by the nickname “Park In Seo.”

They wrote, “Congratulations on 1 million streams. I don’t know what other words are necessary. Park In Seo streamed all night with their love as if they were keeping a fire alive and moved their thumbs quickly to make sure the streaming didn’t turn off. Cheers… When they first talked about the ‘Really Really’ 100 million streaming challenge, we were puzzled and said even if we don’t reach 100 million, this is an honor so we should do more so that Park In Seo doesn’t feel sorry or disappointed. But what is this! I suddenly remember people who contacted me saying ‘Really Really’ is still playing in the streets. Thank you to everyone who listened to ‘Really Really,’ Park In Seo, and everyone who cherished ‘Really Really.'”

WINNER concluded their post with hashtags such as, “Park In Seo did all of that,” the date they reached 100 million streams, the date the song was released, and thanked their fans and CEO.

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Congratulations to WINNER!