3 Key Points To Pique Your Interests For “Youn’s Kitchen 2”

Youn’s Kitchen 2” is set to open its doors tonight on January 5 at 9:50 p.m. KST. Following the popularity of the first season, the cast and crew headed out to the town of Garachico on Tenerife Island to see if they could win over the locals with Korean food.

The success of the first season was mainly due to the show being a new kind of food program that hadn’t been seen before as it set out overseas to introduce foreigners to Korean food. There was a thrill in seeing what people thought of bulgogi and whether it was a dish that could be loved globally. Also, as the series was filmed in Bali, viewers felt like they were going on a vacation whenever the show aired.

So how is the second season planning to captivate viewers? Here are three things to get you excited for the show.

1. New employee Park Seo Joon

An actor we’re used to as a lead in dramas has decided to appear in a variety show. In dramas, he’s stolen the hearts of viewers as he goes from romantic to chic to mischievous depending on what role he’s playing. As Park Seo Joon has rarely made appearances on variety shows in the past, viewers have naturally become curious to know what Park Seo Joon is like in real life. It’s still unclear just how similar or different the actor is from what has been shown through dramas. Therefore, anticipation is high as discovering who Park Seo Joon really is will be a highlight of the show.

2. Will Spanish people like Korean food?

According to an analysis done by psychologist Geert Hofstede on national character, it was found that Taiwan is the most similar to Korea in terms of national character, while Spain ranked sixth in similarity. This means that Korea and Spain have relatively similar national character. Whether this will translate into Spanish people enjoying the Korean food that “Youn’s Kitchen 2” prepared is yet to be seen.

3. A town, not a vacation spot

While “Youn’s Kitchen” was set in a vacation spot, “Youn’s Kitchen 2” traveled to a small town called Garachico. The pros of going to Bali, as previously mentioned, was giving viewers the feeling that they were on vacation. This also meant that the majority of guests at the restaurant were tourists who were visiting from all over the world. Meanwhile, “Youn’s Kitchen 2” is set in a town, which means that many of their customers will be locals who live there. The cast may even attract regulars, or some may bring their neighbors along. This could give the cast an opportunity to get to know their customers on a deeper level, which may create an interesting and heartwarming experience for everyone.

It remains to be seen whether “Youn’s Kitchen 2” will enjoy the same success as its predecessor, but anticipation is high for the show due to the success of the first season. It may be that the fourth thing to keep an eye on is whether the second season will be able to surpass the first.

The first episode of “Youn’s Kitchen” will air on January 5 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

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