ASTRO Reflects On Memorable Moments From Year End Shows, Talks About Trainees, And More

ASTRO reflected on their past year in a recent broadcast, and touched on memorable moments from year end shows, shared how they feel when they see trainees, and more.

ASTRO held a Naver V Live broadcast, titled “ASTRO’s Rooftop Live,” on January 5. During the broadcast, the members reminisced about all the shows from the end of last year.

MJ commented about the special fan collaboration event from the group’s performance at the 2017 MBC Gayo Daejejun. He said, “I remember the card section the fans did at the Gayo Daejejun. Our AROHAs did so well. I will never forget the FOREVER displayed at the end.”

JinJin replied, “I remember the Asia Artist Awards because I cried so much during our acceptance speech.”

Cha Eun Woo said, “I was an MC for the 2017 MBC Gayo Daejejun, but I was so nervous because I was alongside so many great senior artists, and I missed my members a lot. They are ‘celebrities among celebrities.'” Cha Eun Woo hosted the show alongside EXO’s Suho and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA.

The ASTRO members also congratulated Rocky, who has turned 20 this year. Rocky responded, “I raise my tone when greeting others, but now I will have to lower my tone. I’m really happy, but it doesn’t feel real yet.”

Cha Eun Woo then turned to oldest member MJ and asked when he felt old, to which MJ replied that he hasn’t felt that yet. The members laughed as they told MJ, “It’s because you are with us.”

However, Moonbin revealed that he experienced a moment when he felt old. He explained, “We debuted as Fantagio’s first male singers, and there are a lot of younger trainees in the practice rooms now. When I see them, I think of my past self. I think to myself that I want to work hard and help them when they debut.”

Moonbin also commented, “We’re in our third year of debut, but I think this is our first time having this kind of party.” He then asked the rest of the members to share what type of party they each wanted.

MJ said a party at a ski resort, where the members would turn on music and ski down the slopes holding a cake all together. Moonbin shared that he wanted to pitch a tent in the forest and have a campfire in early summer.

The members recommended songs that fit a party vibe, which included music by BIGBANG, The Chainsmokers, and DAY6. They also celebrated the new year with a cake they decorated themselves.

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