f(x)’s Amber And Luna Share Their Thoughts On Their “Lower” Music Video

f(x)’s Amber and Luna recently sat down to talk to fans, where they discussed their new music video!

The f(x) members held a Naver V Live broadcast on January 5 to share behind-the-scenes stories from their new SM STATION track “Lower.”

“Lower” is the 39th track from SM STATION Season 2, and also marks the first SM STATION track of the new year. “Lower” is a progressive house track with catchy synth sounds that feature Amber and Luna’s powerful vocals. The lyrics talk about searching for a place where they can just be free.

It was also revealed that Amber directed and edited the “Lower” music video herself. Luna shared with a laugh, “Amber produced the music video. I suffered a lot. If you look at the music video, my lips aren’t moving a lot because they were frozen.” Amber responded, “I filmed it well, but the wind blew and it was really cold every time Luna filmed.”

Still, Luna praised the music video, saying, “It’s not fancy, but the point is its sophistication. f(x) music videos are very fancy, but ‘Lower’ is of a different color. It has Amber’s colors. As someone who participated in [the music video], I am very proud. It’s very high quality.”

As the broadcast was held an hour before the release of the song, Amber and Luna also provided some spoilers for their fans. One game asked the members to express “Lower” in one word. Amber and Luna playfully responded with bottom and below. The two also further discussed the main points of “Lower,” the music video, and the “killing part” of the track.

Amber and Luna also brought laughter with their different answers for a question regarding their teamwork. With 10 points being a perfect, Luna gave a 10, while Amber gave 3.3 points. Luna asked Amber, “You mouthed 10, but why did you say 3.3?” Amber jokingly replied, “I gave a 3.3 because it’s lower than a 3.5.”

Luna and Amber concluded the 20-minute broadcast by promising their fans to meet again soon.

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