Heo Young Ji Wows The Audience And Fellow Singers With Performance Of “Festival” On “Immortal Songs”

On January 6, KBS’s “Immortal Songs 2” held its New Year’s “Year of the Dog” special.


All the singers were invited from different years of the dog, from 1946 to 1994. Singers invited included Choi Song Hyun and Kim Yong Jin (1982), Lee Jung Seob (1946), Heo Young Ji (1994), Choi Byung Seo (1958), and Song Young Kyu (1970).

Kim Yong Jin took an early lead with 419 points, beating out Choi Song Hyun and Lee Jung Seob. Then Heo Young Ji wowed the audience with her energetic performance of “Festival” by Uhm Jung Hwa. In a pre-taped interview, she shared that she had considered doing a ballad but wanted to use her natural energy to give hope to the audience for the new year.

The young singer beat out Kim Yong Jin by a narrow margin and took the win with 422 points. She also beat out the next singer, Choi Byung Seo, taking two consecutive wins in a row.

Actor Song Young Kyu was the last to go, covering Lee Moon Sae’s “As You Live in This World,” and took the final victory over Heo Young Ji by a single point and a final score of 423.

You can watch the performances in the latest episode of “Immortal Songs” below!

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