Nam Joo Hyuk Shares Why He Donated Scholarship Money To His Old School

Nam Joo Hyuk spent the last month of 2017 in a heartwarming way.

Reportedly the actor donated 30 million won (about $28,245) to his old school, Suil High School, to be used for scholarship money for children from families in financial difficulties. He also visited the school in person to spend time with the 13 students who received the scholarship.

Although Nam Joo Hyuk did this quietly, without any media fanfare, one of the grateful students posted online about the encounter. One source reported, “If the opportunity occurred, he always wanted to donate to the school he graduated from. At first he thought about 20 million won, but on the day he donated the money, he listened to the stories of the students and felt great sympathy. Thinking the current amount was lacking, he decided to donate another 10 million won.”

Nam Joo Hyuk recently gave an interview with OSEN where he talked about visiting his old school. “When I visited my school and met my juniors, I hoped that my small support would give them a lot of strength. I faced a lot of difficult circumstances during my school days. To be a model, you have to go to modeling school, and I needed money for that, but my family’s financial circumstances were difficult, so I know what it’s like to have your dream was cut off before I could even take a step towards it.”

He added, “Youth is a time when you might easily give on your dreams, but on the other hand, it’s also a time when you can gain courage and wisdom. If I can give even a little bit of help to people whose families are in financial difficulties, I want to help them not to give up on their dream and take that first step forward. That’s why I gave the scholarship.”

What a beautiful way to wrap up 2017 and kick off the new year!

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