Top 5 “The Unit” Contestants From Self-Producing Mission Choose Their Own Teams For 4th Mission

The Unit” revealed the overall individual rankings from the previous self-producing mission during the introduction to the contestants’ next task.

On the January 6 episode of KBS2’s idol rebooting project “The Unit,” the contestants reunited at the location they all met for the first time and received their fourth mission.

San E, one of the mentors on the show, made the announced, explaining, “It’s a mission to release a song. You are to create a performance with a song you receive from the hottest producers. Once the episode airs, the songs will be released digitally.”

The contestants expressed their excitement for the mission. Lee Suji remarked, “It’s like a dream,” while SONAMOO’s Euijin commented, “If we sing well, it’s possible we can enter the music charts.”

It was revealed the winning team would also get to film a music video with renowned music video directors Hong Won Ki and Lee Ki Baek. Additionally, members of the winning team will also get a bonus number of votes added to their final totals. First place within the team will earn 10,000 points, second place will earn 7,000 points, and the rest of the team will be given 5,000 points.

For this particular mission, the overall top five individual contestants from the previous self-producing mission were allowed to create their own teams.

The male contestant with the highest number of points from the self-producing mission was U-KISS’s Jun. He remarked, “It’s my first time participating in making a team. I want to make an avengers team.” BIGFLO’s Euijin, 100%’s Rockhyun, IMFACT’s Jeup, and MYNAME’s Seyong respectively took second through fifth place overall based on their points for the mission, and the five leaders chose nine team members.

For the females, the winner of the self-producing mission was SONAMOO’s Euijin. Second through fifth place for the mission was NC.A, Melody Day’s Chahee, Yuna Kim, and GOOD DAY’s Heejin, respectively, and they each chose nine team members as well.

Below are the final team line-ups for the fourth mission! (Eliminated contestants have not been listed.)


Yellow Team:

  1. U-KISS’s Jun
  2. Hangyul
  3. Hojung
  4. Ji Hansol
  5. Chan
  6. Dongmyeong

Orange Team:

  1. BIGFLO’s Euijin
  2. Giseok
  3. Daewon
  4. Lee Geon
  5. Jungha
  6. Donghyun

Green Team:

  1. 100%’s Rockhyun
  2. Marco
  3. JunQ
  4. Feeldog
  5. B-Joo
  6. Lee Jung Ha

Red Team:

  1. IMFACT’s Jeup
  2. Kanto
  3. Timoteo
  4. Suwoong
  5. Taeho

White Team:

  1. MYNAME’s Seyong
  2. Lim Jun Hyeok
  3. Rayoon
  4. Raehwan
  5. Jun (A.C.E)
  6. Heedo
  7. Sungjun


Yellow Team:

  1. SONAMOO’s Euijin
  2. Lee Bo Lim
  3. Yena
  4. Yoomin
  5. Semmi
  6. Haein

White Team:

  1. NC.A
  2. Shin Ji Hoon
  3. Yujeong (LABOUM)
  4. Jiwon
  5. Lee Hyun Joo
  6. Lee Ju Hyun
  7. Serri

Orange Team:

  1. Melody Day’s Chahee
  2. Hyeyeon
  3. Lucky
  4. Yoonjo
  5. Somyi
  6. Yang Jiwon

Green Team:

  1. Euna Kim
  2. Nari
  3. Anne
  4. ZN
  5. Lee Suji
  6. Woohee

Red Team:

  1. GOOD DAY’s Heejin
  2. DanA
  3. Viva
  4. Yebin
  5. Kim
  6. Yeoeun
  7. Hyosun

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