Yuk Ji Dam Addresses Malicious Rumors About Herself

Yuk Ji Dam from “Unpretty Rapstar” responded to complaints about her online store’s prices, and commenters who spread malicious rumors about the rapper having a “sponsor.”

On January 6, Yuk Ji Dam shared a screenshot of an online community post that criticized the high price range of Yuk Ji Dam’s online shop. The rapper currently runs an offline clothing store and an online shop with a friend.

Yuk Ji Dam wrote, “I saw this after someone sent it to me. First of all, I didn’t open the store and online shop with my own money.

“The founder and friend, who manages the stores with me, has put in all of the investment. I am helping out as a model, and I will accompany my friend when buying merchandise to stock cheaper products.

“I know that I can receive hate since I put my name on it. But after reading comments that accuse me of having a sponsor for not doing anything [as a rapper] and selling expensive fur coats, I had to speak up.

“Even if it doesn’t show, I am diligently putting work into my main job. It wasn’t my intention to halt activities and not release any songs, but there were a lot of hardships in between.

“I have never given up on music, ever. And I never mean to give up on it after earning some cash through [the stores]. Sponsors? I have never gotten anywhere near anything like it.

“Please don’t leave comments like that when you don’t even know anything. Not just to celebrities, but to everyone. Don’t you know that if you hear groundless rumors about yourself, you get hurt and want to speak up?

“I plan to search for and upload cheaper clothes that young women and I can wear. Thank you for your attention. And by the way I don’t own any fur coats.”

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