Update: “MIXNINE” Announces Current Rankings For All Contestants

Updated January 8 KST:

Following the announcement of the current top 9 on the January 7 episode, “MIXNINE” has now revealed the full rankings!

The contestants ranked No. 10 through No. 27 for each gender are as follows:


10. Kim Seh Yoon (Beat Interactive)
11. Lee Seung Jun (WM Entertainment)
12. Kim Hyun Soo (Happyface Entertainment)
13. Lee Byoung Gon (YG Entertainment)
14. Jin Sung Ho (Liveworks Company)
15. Shim Jae Young (WM Entertainment)
16. Lee Gun Min (RBW)
17. Lee Jae Jun (Banana Culture)
18. Kim Dong Yoon (WYNN Entertainment)
19. Kim Hyun Jong (Hunus Entertainment)
20. Woo Tae Woon (Million Market)
21. Kim Kook Heon (Music Works Entertainment)
22. Jo Yong Geun (Happyface Entertainment)
23. Yuto (WM Entertainment)
24. Park Min Kyun (WM Entertainment)
25. Oh Hee Jun (YNB Entertainment)
26. Jeong In Seong (YNB Entertainment)
27. Kim Young Jo (RBW)


10. Kim So Ri (Mole Entertainment)
11. Kim Bo Won (FAVE Entertainment)
12. Kim Hyun Jin (BlockBerry Creative)
13. Baek Hyeon Joo (Yama & Hotchicks Entertainment)
14. Jung Ha Yoon (Maroo Entertainment)
15. Kim Min Kyung (Mostable Music)
16. Heo Chan Mi (Mostable Music)
17. Kim Soo Hyun (Mystic Entertainment)
18. Jeong Sa Ra (Bace Camp Entertainment)
19. Go Ah Ra (ASTORY Entertainment)
20. Kim Si Hyeon (Music Works Entertainment)
21. Kim Su A (A100 Entertainment)
22. Lee Ji Eun (Music Works Entertainment)
23. Choi Yoon A (Hunus Entertainment)
24. Watanabe Rui (New Planet Entertainment)
25. Hwang Ji Min (Mystic Entertainment)
26. Shin Jee Won (JTG Entertainment)
27. Kim Min Ju (ASTORY Entertainment)

Original Article:

On January 7, “MIXNINE” broadcast the female performances of original tracks for the show.

At the conclusion of the episode, the current top 9 were revealed based on online votes.

The current top 9 for each gender are as follows:


1. Woo Jin Young (Happyface Entertainment)
2. Kim Hyo Jin (WM Entertainment)
3. Kim Byeong Kwan (Beat Interactive)
4. Lee Dong Hun (Beat Interactive)
5. Song Han Gyeom (Staro Entertainment)
6. Choi Hyun Suk (YG Entertainment)
7. Kim Min Seok (WM Entertainment)
8. Yao Ming Ming (byKING Entertainment)
9. Lee Ru Bin (Liveworks Company)


1. Shin Ryu Jin (JYP Entertainment)
2. Lee Soo Min (FAVE Entertainment)
3. Jang Hyo Gyeong (Star Empire Entertainment)
4. Lee Soo Jin (FAVE Entertainment)
5. Lee Ha Young (Coridel Entertainment)
6. Nam Yu Jin (Bace Camp Entertainment)
7. Jeon Hee Jin (BlockBerry Creative)
8. Choi Moon Hee (Maroo Entertainment)
9. Park Soo Min (IME Korea)