William’s Newborn Brother Is Revealed For The First Time On “The Return Of Superman”

On the January 7 episode of KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman,” William Hammington’s little brother was revealed for the first time!

During the episode, Sam Hammington and his wife reminisced about William’s birth as the family headed to the hospital.

The couple explained that William was conceived after much effort, including two attempts at intrauterine insemination and one attempt at in vitro fertilization (IVF). Thankfully, William was conceived and later born through cesarean section.

Sam Hammington shared, “We wanted a natural childbirth, but looking back, it was just us being stubborn.” Mrs. Hammington added, “They kept saying it was almost over, but [William] wouldn’t come out.” She then jokingly asked William, “You didn’t want to come out, did you?”

The couple explained that their second child was conceived after one attempt at IVF. Mrs. Hammington continued in happiness, “We conceived our second child immediately after giving birth to William. It was unbelievable.”

A few moments later, the family welcomed their second son, Bentley, into the world.

Sam Hammington revealed his thoughts during the moment saying, “I have many emotions. My wife went through a lot so far. If she took the responsibility [for the child] for 38 weeks and six days, it’s now my turn to take on the responsibility for the rest of our lives.”

William affectionately called his newborn sibling’s name, Bentley, as he watched him beside the bed.

Bentley’s Korean name was revealed as well. Mrs. Hammington told her husband, “Let’s use the name we had in mind from the start.”

The name was in fact Jung Woo Sung!

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