Jo Jung Suk And Kim Seon Ho Have A Tense Meeting With Im Se Mi In “Two Cops”

MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Two Cops” released stills of Jo Jung Suk working hard as Kim Seon Ho’s messenger.

“Two Cops” is about a violent crimes unit detective Cha Dong Tak (played by Jo Jung Suk) who gets possessed by Gong Su Chang (Kim Seon Ho). Im Se Mi plays Go Bong Sook, Gong Su Chang’s partner-in-crime from when he was alive.

In the stills released, Jo Jung Suk, Kim Seon Ho, and Im Se Mi are all gathered at a cafe. Jo Jung Suk looks serious as it appears he has something significant to say, while Kim Seon Ho cannot engage in the conversation as he is a soul outside of his body. Im Se Mi, who doesn’t know that her partner is allied with Cha Dong Tak, is suspicious of the detective as she is technically a criminal.

“Two Cops” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST.

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