Watch: Yang Hyun Suk Gifts BLACKPINK A New House In First Episode Of “BLACKPINK House”

Fans have finally gotten their wish, as BLACKPINK’s first solo reality show aired its first episode.

“BLACKPINK House” follows the members, who have promoted without rest since their debut, as they move into their new dorm and take a 100-day break.

The day before their official shoot, Yang Hyun Suk met the members to talk about their new show. He started by commenting, “You guys always work hard, so it’s going to have things that you guys wanted.” He explained the idea behind the new house by saying, “It was an idea I had from a long time ago. I wanted to let you guys life like princesses in a princess house.” After months of construction, the members finally got to see their beautiful new home. The members thanked Yang Hyun Suk, and commented, “It really is a dream house.”

The fun began as the members officially began to live in their new home. Although the members exude charisma on stage, they showed off their normal, adorable selves off-stage. For instance, when they went shopping for beds and the price was higher than expected, the girls showed off their cute charms. Jennie smiled adorably at the male employee and Rose called him “Oppa” while dancing. They also sent him finger hearts, which made him smile. Later, the girls made macaroons for their new neighbors, where Jennie showed off her baking skills.

The show has seen overwhelming popularity, as within only 13 hours of its release, the episode reached 3.2 million views. “BLACKPINK House” will air for the next 11 weeks.

Watch the first part of the episode below!

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