Watch: Block B Has The Time Of Their Lives Singing Their Best Hits On “TIPSY Live”

Block B knows how to have a good time!

On January 7, Dingo Music released a “TIPSY Live” featuring the boy group performing a medley of their biggest hits while enjoying some drinks and food.

The atmosphere was lit from the very beginning, with the boys calling out for a “one-shot” and Jaehyo pulling it off.

The medley was equally high-energy, using soju bottles as mics and everyone riding the rhythm (occasionally on their chairs). They performed snippets from the songs “Her,” “Jackpot,” “Shall We Dance,” “Yesterday,” “Toy,” “Very Good,” and “NanrinA.” Of course, like any proper “TIPSY Live,” their energy occasionally got a little out of control.

Check out the fun video below!