INFINITE Talks About How Much They Missed Performing On Stage

INFINITE held a showcase for their third album “Top Seed” on December 8 at Bluesquare iMarket Hall in Seoul.

All six members stood on stage to share their thoughts on their comeback, describe their album, and perform new tracks. Sungjong said, “Starting with the choreography practice, we prepared a lot. All six members worked really hard to prepare.”

Sunggyu briefly described what the members have been up to and explained, “We held fan meetings titled ‘Begin Again’ and performed, recorded the album, and worked hard to practice the choreography. I participated in a musical and there are also members who filmed dramas. Everyone worked hard.”

He continued, “At our last fan meeting, Dongwoo cried a lot on stage, so he couldn’t sing a lot.” Dongwoo explained, “I blew my part. I couldn’t sing for three minutes.”

Sunggyu added, “That’s how much we missed being on stage. It felt really good to sing on stage for the first time in a while. It increased our expectations for this album’s promotions.”

Woohyun commented, “I thought about our fans the most while preparing for this album. I think this album is as great of an album as all of you were expecting, so I’m excited and nervous.”

INFINITE’s title track “Tell Me” is a stylish song with a dreamlike, minimalistic sound that offers a twist on the group’s sound from the past. INFINITE officially began promotions after releasing “Top Seed” on January 8 at 6 p.m. KST. Check out the MV for “Tell Me” here!

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