INFINITE’s Woohyun Says He Hopes Hoya Will Call Him

INFINITE officially began their comeback promotions for their third album “Top Seed” and held a showcase on January 8.

During the press conference, a reporter asked the members if they kept in touch with Hoya.

Sunggyu replied, “I think I was the one who most recently talked with him. I spoke with Hoya on the phone around the end-of-the-year. It wasn’t much. We asked each other how we’re doing. Hoya is doing a musical right now and I was also doing a musical at the end-of-the-year, so we asked how it was going. There isn’t much for two guys to talk about, so I think we talked about our musicals and said to have a good end-of-the-year.”

Dongwoo also said he spoke with Hoya and said, “Hoya also contacted me and I was doing a musical, but this was Hoya’s first time doing a musical. We wished each other well for our promotions.”

After listening to his two members, Woohyun commented, “It’s been some time since I’ve talked with Hoya. When was the last time I spoke with Hoya?” and made the other members laugh. He continued, “They asked me if I knew that Hoya changed his number, but Hoya didn’t tell me, so I was a little disappointed. My number is still the same, so please call me.”

Woohyun added, “We previously planned to grab a drink, but he didn’t contact me even when it was the end-of-the-year. Sunggyu said they talked on the phone, so I also said I did too, but I didn’t.”

INFINITE released their album and MV for title track “Tell Me” on January 8. Watch the MV here!

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