INFINITE’s Dongwoo Shares His Emotional Reaction To Hoya’s Departure

INFINITE member Dongwoo talked about his reaction to Hoya’s departure from the group, and said they respect his decision.

On January 8, the group celebrated the release of their new album “Top Seed” with a comeback showcase. This is the first album that INFINITE has released since Hoya’s departure was announced last year.

When asked about Hoya leaving the group, Dongwoo replied at the showcase, “Life is a series of choices. If you choose one thing, there’s no choice but to give up on another thing. We respect his decision.”

“I was at Sunggyu’s house when I first heard about it,” he continued. “When I heard it, I spent an hour crying while on the phone with Hoya, and Sunggyu comforted me. Since all seven of us can have different ways of thinking, we respect that choice, and think that it’s not a bad or a good thing but that we have different paths.”

He added, “We’re six members now, but I feel like we went through growing pains recently. I think those emotions are included in the album.”

INFINITE released their new album “Top Seed” featuring the title track “Tell Me” on January 8 at 6 p.m. KST.

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