“The Unit” Contestant Lee Jung Ha Says He Regrets Leaving JYP Entertainment

The Unit” contestant Lee Jung Ha recently shared his thoughts on his audition for the show, and talked about his history as a trainee.

During a recent press conference for the KBS idol rebooting show’s fourth mission, Lee Jung Ha was asked about the criticism he received when he auditioned for “The Unit.” Some viewers said that he didn’t fit the purpose of the show as he is an actor trainee, instead of an idol.

Lee Jung Ha responded, “That was something that I’d prepared for a month. For a one-month period, I practiced an hour every day, but I learned what practice really is from ‘The Unit,’ and experienced what passion is. Up until ‘My Turn,’ I thought ‘It’s hard, but let’s just persevere,’ but as my hard work paid off in the ‘Perfect Man’ performance, I began to think ‘I really want to do this’ and ‘I want to continue to experience the emotions I feel when on stage.'”

He continued, “I always feel their passion and desire when talking with the eliminated contestants. I have the same mindset, and am working hard so I won’t be embarrassed to face those contestants.”

Lee Jung Ha was also asked about how he came to audition for “The Unit” as his agency houses mostly actors, and what his future plans are.

He explained, “At first, I liked being on stage. During my school days, I wouldn’t be able to dance to ‘Last Night Story’ or ‘Gangnam Style,’ but I would still follow along on stage with by doing a fun dance. I knew I was bad at dancing then. I was also bad at singing so my friends would tease me and never give me the microphone at karaoke.”

“I was eventually cast by JYP Entertainment, but I didn’t have the talent to keep up with the other trainees at the time,” he continued. “So I ran away, and I am still regretting it now.”

In regards to his current agency, Lee Jung Ha added, “Namoo Actors is an actor agency, but when I told them I wanted to be an idol, they suggested I audition for ‘The Unit.’ I don’t want to run away anymore, and I want to go until the end.”

Catch Lee Jung Ha in the latest episode of “The Unit” below!

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