HOTSHOT’s Timoteo Talks About Reuniting With Ha Sung Woon And Achieving Their Dream

HOTSHOT’s Timoteo talked about getting to fulfill a dream with his group members, even though they’re not promoting in the same group right now!

Timoteo and Hojung of HOTSHOT are both competing on the KBS idol rebooting show “The Unit,” after their fellow members Ha Sung Woon and Noh Tae Hyun were contestants on “Produce 101 Season 2” last year.

During a recent press conference to go along with the fourth mission for “The Unit,” Timoteo responded to a question about whether the idols feel that their original groups are being talked about once again due to “The Unit.”

“If our two HOTSHOT members had not gone on ‘Produce 101 Season 2,’ the public would not have known about us at all,” he said. “That is the reason that Hojung and I are on ‘The Unit.’ There have now been a few times when people have asked me ‘Aren’t you Timoteo?’ I think this has been a positive show for us.”

As “The Unit” contestants, Timoteo and Hojung recently had the opportunity to perform at the 2017 KBS Song Festival. Wanna One also performed at the yearly music show, and “The Unit” idols even sang the ending song with all the other performing artists.

At the press conference, Timoteo was asked about getting to perform with Ha Sung Woon in different groups at the show.

He replied, “At the end of the year, the six of us in HOTSHOT would sit on our sofa, order in food, watch the award shows in envy, and say to each other ‘When are we going to be able to be on television like that and perform?’ Every year was exactly the same.”

“Then the two of them grabbed the opportunity of being on ‘Produce 101 Season 2,’ and I also had the chance to be on stage because of ‘The Unit,'” he said. “It felt extraordinary to be able to stand on stage with my friends. Even though we’re in different groups right now, we’re always supporting each other.”

He also joked, “It was awkward to see each other in full makeup after being used to just seeing each other with bare faces. We didn’t say anything in particular to each other, but since we know everything just by looking at each other, I think my feelings were conveyed.”

Both Timoteo and Hojung have been doing well on “The Unit,” and came in No. 5 and No. 6 respectively in the latest rankings.

Watch the most recent episode of “The Unit” below!

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