INFINITE Members Reveal Why There Are Only 3 Solo Tracks On Their New Album

INFINITE is officially back after a year and four months with the release of their third album “Top Seed.”

At the group’s showcase, the INFINITE members discussed their solo tracks and their emphasis on the team while creating the album. “Top Seed” has 12 songs which includes the group’s title track “Tell Me” and three solo tracks.

Dongwoo talked about his solo track “TGIF” and said, “I described Friday night in English. I thought a lot about how to use the advantages of urban and R&B while having a fun sound.” Sunggyu made everyone laugh when he added, “The track was so good that I requested to feature in it, but Dongwoo said he will sing all of it. He promoted it by saying that his song is the best track on the album.”

Woohyun commented, “In other words, this song is Dongwoo.”

L also spoke about his solo song “Reminisce” and explained, “It’s very lyrical. I wrote the lyrics myself. At the fan meeting last week, I sang the band version, but put the original version in the album for the fans. This is my first time having a solo track in an INFINITE album, so I’m happy.”

Sungjong has a solo song titled “Confession” in this album. He stated, “It’s a refreshing song that I can pull off and a song that highlights my voice. I thought of our fans and sang with a heart-fluttering feeling. Many fans loved it at the fan meeting, so I was happy.”

Sungyeol said, “We worked hard to fill this album with our musical side since it’s our first album as the six of us.” Woohyun explained, “There are many songs that didn’t make it on this album. We also worked with new composers on b-side tracks. We found songs that were a good match for the six of us and created a good album. This is the first album we released as the six of us, so we thought we should highlight the part us being a team. That’s why there are only three solo songs.”

Dongwoo revealed just how much the group worried over this comeback and mentioned, “We worried so much that our title track changed twice. Since the wait was long, we wanted to give [our fans] a good present, so we ended up releasing a full album instead of a mini album. We want to show you the members’ efforts and communicate with the fans.”

Check out INFINITE’s MV for their title track “Tell Me” here!

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