Jung Hye Sung Explains Why She Watches Timeslot Competitors Hyeri’s And Baek Jin Hee’s Dramas

Jung Hye Sung was featured in the January issue of High Cut magazine!

The concept of the pictorial was to recommend four different scents to its readers for the new year. Jung Hye Sung’s beauty and facial expressions were highlighted in the pictorial, while her passion for acting was emphasized in the interview.

In the interview which took place after the photo shoot, Jung Hye Sung announced, “I want to act forever. I want to act until I become a grandmother and until right before I die. Like how I can’t play the role of a mother right now, there is a role that is fitting for every age. I want to go through that one by one and age naturally.”

Jung Hye Sung currently stars in the SBS drama “Oh, the Mysterious,” where she plays detective Jin Jin Young. The actress revealed that she monitors the other dramas that compete with her’s and explained, “I watch Baek Jin Hee‘s drama (“Jugglers“) and Hyeri‘s drama (“Two Cops“) that air during the same timeslot as ‘Oh, the Mysterious.’ I watch and research a lot about their strengths and what I am lacking. Viewership ratings aren’t something I can do anything about, but I think I should know my weaknesses, learn others’ strengths, and slowly improve.”

She also shared the nickname she earned while filming on the set of “Oh, the Mysterious.” Jung Hye Sung elaborated, “Senior actors such as Kim Hee Won, Do Ki Suk, and Kang Shin Hyo who are in my on-screen regional investigational unit call me Ggan Soon-ee because I act silly.” (The word for “silly” in Korean is 까불까불 “gga bool gga bool”.) She added, “If the seniors praise me saying, ‘Jin Young is doing well’ then I get happy, dance, and shake my hips.”

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