A Rising Group Brimming With Uniqueness: 5 Reasons To Stan DreamCatcher

When looking back at the girl group debuts of 2017, one particularly noteworthy debut is DreamCatcher. With their clever usage of dark concepts and rock-infused music, they quickly stood out in a market that tends to be dominated by simple categories such as “cute” and “sexy.” So if you’re looking to stan a unique and talented girl group, then DreamCatcher should be on your radar! Read on to discover what makes these seven girls more than worthy of your attention.

1. Their interesting concept

First and foremost, most people are drawn to DreamCatcher because of their horror-esque concepts, as I mentioned prior. For people looking for a group with an intense J-rock vibe, DreamCatcher’s title tracks are a must-listen. Check out their debut track “Chase Me” below!

2. The members are incredibly versatile

These girls can do more than just dark concepts! Watch below to see the choreography of the b-side “Sleep-walking,” which has a very different vibe than their title tracks. After listening to all their songs and watching various bonus clips on their company’s YouTube channel, it’s evident that DreamCatcher is a group full of chameleons.

3. Awesome dance covers

This cover will forever be my obsession. Dance moves on point! Vocals on point! English on point! Every single dance practice and cover by DreamCatcher is incredibly in sync, and you can see how much they must practice. Their “Bang Bang Bang” dance practice is my personal favorite.

4. And just awesome covers in general

Honestly, I never knew I needed this cover until I saw it. WINNER’s “Really Really” is a phenomenal song on its own, but the DreamCatcher version is just as impressive. The production of the video pulls the entire thing together, as the cinematography is simple and refreshing.

5. They’re just seven cute, funny girls

Mark my words, these girls would be excellent variety show stars. Their energy is infectious, and you can’t help but laugh along with them. With beauty, talent, and personality for days, you won’t be able to resist them for long!

Are you a DreamCatcher stan now? If so, be sure to show the members some love in the comments!

jadicus35 is a ordinary college student by day, and a not-so-closet fangirl by night. She spends her time on Tumblr when she’s not (but really should be) studying and/or pretending to be a functional human being.

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