Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon Reveals Why He Chose “Radio Romance” For First Drama In 2 Years

Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon recently opened up about his character in KBS’s upcoming drama “Radio Romance” and why he chose the role for his first drama in two years.

The idol-turned-actor will be making his return to the small screen through the role of Ji Su Ho, an immensely popular A-list actor renowned for his superior acting skills and his squeaky clean personal life.

Yoon Doojoon remarked, “I thought it would be fun to live the life of a superstar, which I haven’t been able to experience in real life.”

He also shared that he was drawn to the role because of its honest portrayal of celebrity life. “Su Ho is a character that strongly depicts the ‘other side’ of celebrities,” he explained. “Although he has wealth and fame, he is a gloomy man who is completely empty inside.”

He continued, “The character of Ji Su Ho is a difficult but enjoyable challenge for me. In my acting, I’m trying to focus on Su Ho’s psychological state as he slowly evolves over the course of the drama by facing a variety of unexpected situations.”

In “Radio Romance,” Ji Su Ho ends up working as the DJ for a radio show, despite the fact that he has a hard time doing anything without a script. The drama follows his struggles amidst the exciting, action-packed daily workings of a radio station, where nothing ever goes according to plan.

Yoon Doojoon revealed that part of the reason “Radio Romance” had captured his attention was because he had always harbored a sentimental fantasy about radio. “I had a good feeling about the drama from just hearing the title,” he recalled.

The Highlight member went on to compare the drama to an actual radio show, saying, “‘Radio Romance’ is a drama in which each character has his or her own story. I think it’s a drama that can be best enjoyed by watching it as though you’re listening to and sympathizing with a caller’s story on a radio show.”

“I’m nervous and excited to be returning to the small screen after a long time,” confessed Yoon Doojoon. “Please give the show a lot of interest and love.”

“Radio Romance” will premiere on January 29 at 10 p.m. KST, after the end of “Jugglers.”

You can check out a preview for the show here!

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