8 Reasons Why “Hwayugi” Episodes 3 And 4 Slayed

After a one-week break from broadcasting, “Hwayugi” returned last weekend with its third and fourth episodes, and boy did they deliver; this fantasy drama has been a wild, magical ride so far. So from the laughter and cuteness to the more sentimental and even downright inspiring moments, let’s take a look at the best parts of this week’s episodes!

Warning: a few spoilers for Episodes 3 and 4 below.

1. Oh Gong’s infatuation with Sun Mi

Great Sage though he may be, Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) is no match for the magical bracelet that makes him act like a complete lovesick fool for Jin Sun Mi, also known as Sam Jang (Oh Yeon Seo). His puppy love is adorable, and we are living for the flirty moments between these two. Like when he tries to convince her to kiss him…

Or cheekily shows up in her bed, delighted that she was thinking about him…

Or cries about how much he would miss her if he had eaten her.

You know, just your typical relationship problems.

Another big relationship problem is having your feelings dictated by a magical bracelet — and while Oh Gong is totally head-over-heels for Sun Mi, he also knows that it’s just the bracelet that is causing him to feel this way (at least for now). Which brings us to…

2. Oh Gong’s self-contempt

Even better than Oh Gong’s cuteness towards Sun Mi is how much he hates that he’s acting so dang cute.

This dichotomy has some hilarious results, like how Oh Gong can be crying about how much he loves Sun Mi/Sam Jang while simultaneously talking about how he can’t wait until he can eat her.

But until that day comes…

Yes, but we’re loving it.

3. Bu Ja the friendly zombie

“Hwayugi” has shown us that it’s not afraid to get creepy and dark, but the drama opted for a different route with its newest undead character. Meet Jin Bu Ja (Lee Se Young), your friendly neighborhood zombie:

From (literally) just chilling in refrigerators to dropping stray body part here and there, she’s so entertaining that we certainly enjoy having her around, even if the other characters don’t feel the same way.

But she’s pretty endearing as far as zombies go, especially when she’s so sweet and apologetic about being a smelly, rotting corpse.

What’s not to like?

4. Oh Gong’s group chat woes

You know that feeling when you’re in the same room as people who are clearly texting each other, but you’re not included? Oh Gong certainly does.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Literally all of Oh Gong’s friends are in on this group chat, except for him. It’s too bad he’s too proud to accept their offers to invite him, because that would certainly make these dinners a lot less uncomfortable:

Poor, lonely Great Sage.

5. Sun Mi’s stand

Sun Mi has lived a very solitary life; people aren’t exactly lining up to be friends with the strange girl who sees invisible demons. But that’s no excuse for others to mistreat her — like the cousins who ask her for money, almost get into a car crash drunk driving, and then try to blame Sun Mi for their own negligence. But it seems like Oh Gong’s support has given Sun Mi the strength to start standing up for herself: sometimes it helps to have someone else believe in you! Or, you know, threaten people on your behalf.

We’re just happy to see that Sun Mi feels a little less alone these days.

And in any case, it was beyond satisfying to watch her set her obnoxious cousin straight.

You tell ’em!

6. Grandmother’s popcorn

Sun Mi’s relatives cause her more trouble when her aunt and uncle rudely refuse the popcorn that she brings for them to set on her grandmother’s memorial table — since they won’t let her partake in the ceremony.

And for a second there, we were worried that Grandmother would have to be without her favorite food. But fortunately, Sun Mi has the Great Sage on her side, and Oh Gong is able to send popcorn to the memorial with a little magic — and perhaps a bit more force than necessary.

Grandmother gets her favorite snack, and Sun Mi’s nasty relatives are pelted with popcorn… it doesn’t get any more heartwarming than that!

7. The inspiring message

Okay, so maybe in real life, human negativity doesn’t actually cause demons to descend upon the Earth and feed off of our weakest emotions (at least as far as I know). But in “Hwayugi” this is exactly what happens, and the demons are a very real result of the harm, negligence, and bad vibes that people emit on a daily basis.

It really does make one think about what kind of energy we give out and receive from those around us… which is actually pretty inspiring in a way, and a good reminder to be kind, love others, and love yourself! (As a certain K-pop group might say).

8. The badass demon-fighting crew

This week, we also got a glimpse into the possibility that Sun Mi and Oh Gong might just become one of the most epic evil-battling, world-saving duos of all time.

The suits. The fan. The umbrella. The general badassery. 

Add in the rest of this ragtag team, and we’ve got the makings of one downright awesome — and probably hilarious — demon-slaying crew.

And we can’t wait for the absurdity, hijinks, and plot twists that are in store in the weeks to come! Until then, be sure to catch Episodes 3 and 4 of “Hwayugi” on Rakuten Viki.

If you haven’t already, start watching “Hwayugi” here:

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