Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, Eric Nam, PRISTIN’s Nayoung, And More Join New Variety Show

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, Eric Nam, PRISTIN’s Nayoung, Yang Se Hyung, and Park Na Rae will be launching a global dating program on XtvN!

The new variety show is titled, “Can Love be Translated?” (literal title) and will be a program that brings young men and women from different parts of the world together to find love. The show will invite people who are living in Korea to live in a dorm together and go on dates around the city to find the perfect match. It will be interesting to see love blossom between people from different cultures who have different dating styles.

The show will also feature a celebrity panel of “Love Translators.” Sunny, Eric Nam, Nayoung, Yang Se Hyung, and Park Na Rae will gather in a studio to watch the participants interacting with each other and give their insight into what may be going on.

Producing director Lee Yong Soo stated, “This is a program we’ve been planning for a long time. We wanted to share the real and honest love stories of youths from all over the world because we believe that love is a universal language.” He added, “At first, we were worried about the cultural differences between our contestants, who come from countries like Korea, France, U.K., Japan, and Morocco. However, we realized that falling in love is truly universal once filming began. We hope to show how young people from different parts of the world learn to find similarities and fall in love.”

“Can Love Be Translated” will begin airing in February on XtvN.

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