Stray Kids Members Reveal Their Main Goal For This Year

Stray Kids held a V Live broadcast titled “Stray Kids X Happiness Train” following the release of their pre-debut album “Mixtape” on January 8.

Stray Kids is a nine-member group created under JYP Entertainment after a survival show of the same title on Mnet. The group already has a huge fan following due to the show’s exposure and has gained attention for being JYP’s first boy group since GOT7 in 2014 and DAY6 in 2015.

Seo Changbin stated, “We will work hard this year and really want to receive the Rookie of the Year award.” He then said to the other members, “Let’s shout ‘Stray Kids, Rookie of the Year award’ together!”

Stray Kids’s leader Bang Chan added, “This is now the start of Stray Kids. There is a lot we want to show you. We will become a group that writes new history in the 21st century. We want to receive the Rookie of the Year award this year.”

Since this was the group’s first time doing a V Live broadcast after the release of their pre-debut album, the members worked hard to show the viewers many things. They did a mukbang with chicken and hamburgers, and reminisced about the first time they met.

Hwang Hyunjin shared the story of seeing Yang Jeongin for the first time and said, “I saw him singing ‘I Miss You’ in a vocal practice room and it made my heart flutter, so I followed him around.” At the members’ request, Yang Jeongin sang Kim Bum Soo’s “I Miss You” on the spot.

They also introduced the tracks on “Mixtape” starting with the title track “Hellevator.” The members explained, “It’s a song that conveys our feelings about our debut during our trainee years. It’s Stray Kids’ masterpiece and a song that announces us to the world.” They also described “Grrr” as “a track full of feelings of rebellion and energy.”

Bang Chan concluded the V Live by reading out loud a letter to his members. He read, “I’m happy we can debut as the nine of us. You guys helped me a lot and gave me strength when it was difficult, so I don’t think I can do it without you guys. I love Stray Kids.”

Stray Kids’s V Live episode received over 34 million hearts during the broadcast with many fans showing their support for the group’s beginning.

JYP’s Park Jin Young also posted on his Instagram congratulating the team on their journey.

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