Watch: Park Bo Gum Picks His 3 Most Important Values In Life

Park Bo Gum will grace the cover of the February issue of Vogue Taiwan!

On January 8, a video of his interview was released on the magazine’s website, showing him looking through a stack of cards with words written on them and choosing three things that signified the most important things in his life.

The actor first chose “studying” and explained, “I think studying is what you do every second. The most important thing in life is learning.” He continued, “I think my job as an actor is also a job of learning. I want to learn foreign languages in the future and think there are many things to learn.”

Park Bo Gum also picked “balance” and said, “I think I need a balance that fits me and my work, life, and leisure time. It is most important to lean towards something or find a good balance.”

He finally chose “enjoyment” and added, “When I think about it, I think all of the important values are included here. There is enjoyment and happiness in learning something while studying, and you earn joy when you find a good balance in your life.”

Park Bo Gum concluded, “These are the most important values in my life. I think it is important to live happily.”

Watch the video of Park Bo Gum’s interview and behind-the-scenes from his pictorial below!

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