Watch: Wanna One Members Sing Their Own Song At Karaoke In “Happy Together” Preview

“Happy Together” has shared another preview of Wanna One!

In celebration of a previous preview clip exceeding a million views on Naver TV, the program has revealed another video of Wanna One doing karaoke.

As the episode was filmed just a few days after the release of their repackaged album “1-1=0 (NOTHING WITHOUT YOU),” Kang Daniel, Hwang Min Hyun, Kim Jae Hwan, and Bae Jin Young are surprised to find out that their new songs “Beautiful,” “Twilight,” and “Wanna” are already available in the system.

They decide to try “Beautiful,” and Hwang Min Hyun expresses his shock at how different the karaoke track sounds. However, the members start to get used to it and sing all the way through, also covering other members’ parts.

When given a score of 94 out of 100 by the machine, they burst into laughter, and Kang Daniel explains, “The other six points [are missing] because the other members aren’t here.”

Check out the clip below:

“Happy Together” featuring the four members of Wanna One with Wheesung, Sunmi, and Hong Jin Young will air on January 11 and 18.

Watch the latest episode of “Happy Together” below:

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