Watch: “Just Between Lovers” Cast Is Harmonious And Caring Behind The Scenes

JTBC released a new behind-the-scenes clip of “Just Between Lovers” that displays a warm atmosphere among the cast of the drama.

The video starts off with veteran actress Na Moon Hee, 2PM’s Junho, and rookie actress Won Jin Ah rehearsing a scene in the hospital. Out of the blue, Junho opens up a cabinet, and Won Jin Ah gasps in surprise when she sees it is filled with all kinds of delicious junk food. He hands her a bag of chips, and she snatches it from him with a mischievous smile. He gives her instant porridge next, and she smiles in return.

Na Moon Hee and Junho seriously immerse themselves in acting, but once the director shouts “cut,” they’re like a real grandmother and grandson as she warmly asks if he ate yet, and he answers her that he did as he tells her some good food nearby. Na Moon Hee extends her caring nature by also asking an extra if she ate as well. The extra replies, “They gave me food as soon as I came here,” and the two of them laugh merrily at the joke.

The supporting actors join them in the room, and the atmosphere becomes more lively and warm as they practice and joke around together.

Watch the warm clip below!

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