Yang Hyun Suk Promises To Listen To iKON Fans And Promote iKON In Korea

On January 10, Yang Hyun Suk made a post about iKON and their comeback plans.

iKON is gearing up for a comeback, one of the earliest artists to do so from YG Entertainment in 2018. The group has had limited domestic promotion in 2017, releasing music and touring mostly in Japan.

Though Yang Hyun Suk has taken a personal interest in promoting iKON’s comeback this time around, his recent post addresses fans directly. He posted part of a teaser photo and wrote in hashtags, “2018 YG’s first artist,” “Second Album Return,” “January 2018,” “All-in on domestic promotion,” “Variety show appearances,” “Worked our hardest to collect all requests by iKONICs [iKON fanclub name]” and “Album release date on top of teaser photo, will release soon.”

This seems to imply that Yang Hyun Suk has been listening to the requests of iKON’s fans and will promote them more heavily in South Korea and send them out on Korean variety shows more often in 2018.

What do you think about his plans for iKON?