Watch: INFINITE Tries Dancing To “BANG BANG BANG” And “Gashina” With Their Own Choreography

INFINITE appeared on the January 10 broadcast of MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol” to promote their third album “Top Seed.”

As soon as INFINITE stepped onto the set, they were handed the Grand Prize (Daesang) from the 7th Weekly Idol Awards that was held last year. The members accepted the award with puzzled expressions and said, “We have never received the Grand Prize before. Thank you.”

INFINITE also performed their title track “Tell Me” for the first time on broadcast where they showed off their energetic dance moves and in-sync choreography. After watching their performance, the MCs praised the group and commented, “I think this song is going to stay on the charts for a long time.”

On this episode, INFINITE was introduced to a new game on “Weekly Idol” called the magic choreography game, where artists try to dance their choreography to another artist’s song. INFINITE was surprised by this new game and danced their “BTD” choreography to the tune of GFRIEND’s “Glass Bead.” The members relied on their main dancer Dongwoo, but he was the first one to get confused.

The MCs refused to give up and suggested INFINITE dance to Sunmi’s “Gashina” with their choreography for “The Chaser” followed by BIGBANG’s “BANG BANG BANG” using their choreography for “Be Mine.”

While dancing to both songs, the members couldn’t help but do Sunmi and BIGBANG’s choreography in the chorus. Although they weren’t successful at completing their mission, INFINITE’s teamwork of nine years shined throughout the episode.

Watch INFINITE play the magic choreography game below!

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