Ku Hye Sun Opens Up About Leaving YG Entertainment

On January 10, actress Ku Hye Sun held a presentation for her second gallery exhibition “Mystery Pink,” where she opened up about her decision to leave YG Entertainment.

“I moved from YG Entertainment to PARTNERS park. It’s the first time I’ve moved agencies. I didn’t have a particular reason, but I thought a lot about myself. I realized that it’s my path I’m going down and my life choice that I’m making. Since no one is going to take responsibility for my life, I figured that it’s something I need to do myself. That’s how I made my decision,” she explained.

Ku Hye Sun also talked about her future activities, saying, “Although there are things I want to do, it doesn’t always work out the way I want. If I say I want to focus on acting, it doesn’t always pan out that way. But as of now, I do have a desire to focus on working as an actress.”

In regards to her second gallery exhibition, Ku Hye Sun shared, “While doing film work, there weren’t a lot of places for my film screening so I thought it was right to show my work through an exhibition.” She also explained why she centered her exhibition around a color again, saying, “When I did ‘Dark Yellow,’ the color stuck with me. I thought that yellow was an ironic color, one that has a mix of innocence yet fear. I believe pink is the same. It’s a universal and mainstream color. I wanted to assign a different meaning to the color, so I chose it as my subject.”

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