Ku Hye Sun On Her Husband Ahn Jae Hyun’s Support For Her And Wanting To Work With Him

On January 10, actress Ku Hye Sun held her second exhibition for her short film “Mystery Pink,” where she talked about the film and her husband Ahn Jae Hyun.

“Mystery Pink” is her second short film exhibition after “Dark Yellow.” It is a 10-minute horror melodramatic film which expresses the destructive and mysterious qualities of love using the color pink. Ku Hye Sun directed, produced, and scripted the film, while actors such as Seo Hyun Jin, Yoon Da Kyung, Hyun Seung Min, Park Jung Sook, and Yang Dong Geun made appearances.

Ku Hye Sun revealed that she wrote the script for “Mystery Pink” during her recovery last year, after the actress was diagnosed with a severe, allergic digestive dysfunction which caused her to leave the MBC drama “You’re Too Much.” She shared, “I’m actually fully recovered now. I’m continuously taking care of myself and I’ve resolved to be healthier.”

It was also revealed that in support of his wife, Ahn Jae Hyun gifted roses to each of the reporters at the event. According to the promotions company, he brought 20 bouquets of roses to the site himself, cheered his wife on, and then headed to his next schedule.

Ku Hye Sun mentioned this support and joked, “I’m receiving semi-mandatory support from him [as my husband].” She was then asked if she was inspired by him as her husband, to which she replied, “I’d like to rationally say that I don’t receive inspiration from him, but I probably do. I get a lot of inspiration from subjects that I love, whether it’s my family whom I love or things around me. I can’t say I don’t receive inspiration from [Ahn Jae Hyun] because he’s now [someone that I love].”

The actress also talked about working with her husband in the future. She stated, “Although I could get jeered for saying this, I think from a logical perspective he’s got a good face. I sometimes think he’s handsome. If I have the opportunity [to work with him] I’d like to, but I don’t know how he feels about that.” She continued, “If I were to express Ahn Jae Hyun as a color, he’d be pink. He’s a pink-like person. I’m a bit worried that he’ll think he’s connected to the story of ‘Mystery Pink,’ but he’s really a pink-like person.”

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